Dark Dimensions: Dimensional War

Minecraft 1.20.1

07 mars 2024
Fabric API 0.92.0

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Faced with the creatures of darkness of the Dark Dimension, heroes was born!

The 3 dimensions of the known world confront each other in an endless war. From which dimension of the overworld, nether or the end will these heroes come to save us from Morgdal the Dark Lord.

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Face aux créatures des ténèbres de la Dark Dimension, des héros naissent!

Les 3 dimensions du monde connue s'affrontent dans une guerre sans fin. De quel dimension de l'overworld, du nether ou de l'end viendront ces héros pour nous sauver de Morgdal le Seigneur Sombre.

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Updating Fabric 0.15.7 and Fabric API 0.92.0

Many mods update


Additional Structures (Fabric/Quilt)XxRexRaptorxX AdornJuicebus Alloy Forgerygliscowo Alternate Origin GUIUltrusBot AmbientSounds 5CreativeMD Amethyst Corefzzyhmstrs Amethyst Imbuementfzzyhmstrs AppleSkinsqueek502 Applied Energistics 2thetechnici4n Applied Energistics 2 Wireless TerminalsMari_023 Architectury API (Fabric/Forge)shedaniel BCLibQuiqueck Balm (Fabric Edition)BlayTheNinth Better ArcheologyPandarix Better Combat [Fabric & Forge]daedelus_dev Better Than Mendinglegobmw99 Better Villages - Fabricjtl_elisa BetterEndQuiqueck BetterNetherQuiqueck CC: TweakedSquidDev Cardinal ComponentsUpcraftLP Catalogue (Fabric)MrCrayfish ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled VillageChoiceTheorem Chunk LoadersSuperMartijn642 Cloth Config API (Fabric/Forge)shedaniel ClumpsJaredlll08 CollectiveSerilum Cooking for Blockheads (Fabric Edition)BlayTheNinth CraterLibhypherionsa CreativeCoreCreativeMD Cristel LibCristelknight Croptopiathethonk Dark Loading ScreenNeecko5b84 EMIEmilyPloszaj Eating Animation [Fabric]theone_ss Elytra Slot (Fabric/Forge/Quilt)TheIllusiveC4 Explorer's CompassChaosyr Extra OriginsMoriyaShiine Fabric APImodmuss50 Fabric Language Kotlinmodmuss50 Fabric SeasonsD4rkness_King Fabric Seasons: Croptopia CompatD4rkness_King Fabric Seasons: ExtrasD4rkness_King Fabric Seasons: Terralith CompatD4rkness_King FallingTree (Forge&Fabric)rakambda Farming for Blockheads (Fabric Edition)BlayTheNinth FerriteCore (Fabric)malte0811 Forge Config API Port [Fabric]Fuzs Freecam (Fabric/Forge)hashalites Friends&Foes (Fabric)faboslav Friends&Foes - Beekeeper Hut (Fabric)faboslav Fusion (Connected Textures)SuperMartijn642 Fzzy Corefzzyhmstrs GeckoLibGecko Geode+ [Forge/Fabric]YeoXuHang Global PacksJTK222 Grind Enchantmentsmschae23 Harvest with easeCrystal_Spider_ Hopo Better Ruined Portalshoponopono IcarusCammie Immersive Paintings [Fabric/Forge]Conczin Immersive Portalsqouteall Immersive Travel Overhauljoper333 Immersive structuresChoiceTheorem IncantationemLuligabi12 Industrial RevolutionGabrielHOlv Inventory SortingKyrptonaught ItemSwappertr7zw JourneyMaptechbrew Kryptontuxed LazyDFUtuxed Library Ferret - Fabricjtl_elisa MC Dungeons Armorschronos_sacaria MC Dungeons Artifactschronos_sacaria MC Dungeons Weaponschronos_sacaria MCA Reborn [Fabric/Forge]jahx_senpoopie Macaw's Bridgessketch_macaw Macaw's Doorssketch_macaw Macaw's Fences and Wallssketch_macaw Macaw's Lights and Lampssketch_macaw Macaw's Paintingssketch_macaw Macaw's Paths and Pavingssketch_macaw Macaw's Roofssketch_macaw Macaw's Trapdoorssketch_macaw MidnightLibTeamMidnightDust Mob OriginsUltrusBot Moonlight LibMehVahdJukaar Nether Depths Upgradescouter567 Nicer Skiesztereohype OptiGUIopekope2 Origins (Fabric)Apace Origins: ClassesApace Patchouli (Fabric/Quilt)williewillus PehkuiVirtuoel Plasmo VoiceKPidS Plethora PeripheralsSquidDev Polymorph (Fabric/Forge/Quilt)TheIllusiveC4 Quartz UIAzerxim RechiseledSuperMartijn642 Reinforced Barrelsatonkish Reinforced Chestsatonkish Reinforced Shulker Boxesatonkish Sculk Depthsmrmcdiamonds Sculker [Origin]DevSieg Shulker Box Tooltip [Fabric/Forge]MisterPeModder Simple Discord RPC [Forge/Fabric/Quilt]hypherionsa Simply Swords [Fabric & Forge]sweenuss Sky Villages [Fabric]Aureljz Starlight (Fabric)Spottedstar Structorybotanydev Structory: Towersbotanydev SuperMartijn642's Config LibSuperMartijn642 SuperMartijn642's Core LibSuperMartijn642 SupplementariesMehVahdJukaar TectonicApollo TerralithStarmute Towns and TowersBiban_Auriu Traveler's Backpack [Fabric]Tiviacz1337 Trinkets (Fabric)EmilyPloszaj Universal GravesPatbox Variety APItexboobcat Variety Aquatictexboobcat Village Spawn PointSerilum Villager NamesSerilum Wireless Redstone RERazzokk [FABRIC/QUILT] Disable Custom Worlds AdviceNara oωo (owo-lib)gliscowo playerAnimatorKosmX